Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spider Woman Weaving Time Petroglyph

This detailed petroglyph has a great deal of meaning but I'm going to focus on the upper right of the picture. In the Paiute tradition, the woman depicted on the upper right has bird hands and feet that signify flight with the sun and moon. Above her is the weaving design, and it is thought that the women weavers were "spider women" and descended from spiders.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Calendar Petroglyphs - The Ancients Track Pregnancy

I have posted this picture taken at Parowan Gap, UT before, but I think it deserves another look.

The lower right petroglyph in this picture is thought to be an ancient Native American depiction of pregnancy. The half-circle resembles a pregnant belly and there are 36 marks, indicating the 36 weeks of the gestational cycle. There are 8 marks above and 8 marks below the belly, which total 52 weeks reflecting the entire year. It is thought that the Fremont believed that the mothers and babies had the best chance of survival if they conceived 8 weeks after the summer solstice. Babies would then be born in mid spring, and would be strong enough to survive the following winter.

On the upper left, the fan has 29 lines that symbolize a lunation (a "moon"). The wedge below records four three month quarters, or a year, and below that there are five-and-a-half wavy lines with 16 points, and this is thought to symbolize a full moon.

The culture of the ancestors of North America reflects a far greater understanding of our world than modern man has given them credit for.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chihuahua Connection Magazine - April/May Online Issue available

My story Tut Tails with a picture of my four Chihuahuas and a full page pictures of Maya in an Easter Basket are available in the online magazine as well as the printed version! There are many great stories and pictures for Chihuahua enthusiasts. Click the link above!