Sunday, June 19, 2011

This is a collage of photos I took at Parowan Gap for the summer solstice celebration yesterday. I must admit that the sunset behind the summer solstice carin was taken last year, since clouds blocked the sunset this year. At the bottom right is a photograph of archaeologist, V. Garth Norman, author of The Parowan Gap, a non fiction book that interprets the many petroglyph panels at the Gap. I was able to speak to Mr. Norman for a brief period before the presentation began. He shared the story of the excavation of the cave beneath the rock of Tobats where his crew dug down, finding artifacts dating back to 3000 A.D.  He also shared disturbing information of vandals attacking the Gap, and the government of Utah's inability to understand the importance of his work and how it defines the history of North America and our world. He continues his work without their support.

These are but small traces to help us to understand the brilliance of the ancients. Mr. Norman has discovered a direct correlation between the Fremont and the Mayans of Mesoamerica in their petroglyphs, and pointed out to me the horned serpent that counts the days to the summer solstice, also a Mayan icon.

My novel, Koicto, is an historical adventure that brings in my interpretation of the culture of these amazing people. I was so moved when I saw these petroglyphs, I felt this story must be told. My hope is to raise the awareness of the North American ancients while telling a riveting story of love and war. Koicto will be released by Sunstone Press in December, 2011.
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  1. Very cool about the connection to the Mayans as there is a connection between the Mayans and the Hohokam as well.