Sunday, July 10, 2011

Koicto - My First Interview ~

My church priest asked me to answer some questions about my novel, Koicto. She published the interview in the St. Judes parish newsletter and I thought some of my followers might be interested in knowing more about my upcoming book:

Since this seems to be an artsy letter this week, I am thrilled to brag about our wonderful parishioner, Amy Jarecki, who sang last Sunday with Carol Wagers and her friend, The Rev. Phil Emmanuel from Las Vegas.

Amy Jarecki is also an author, and she has hadher recent book accepted by the Sunstone Press for publication!!! The name of the book is Kiocto, and she edited the last galleys last week. I told her I have had friends and relativeswho have written books, but only one of them was published and by herself. Amy’s book is being published by a legit publisher. She tells the story much better than I can. She says:

“The name of the book is entitled Koicto (a Native American name for cougar). When I first arrived in Utah I visited Parowan Gap and was amazed by the petroglyphs and the intelligence of the indigenous people who inscribed them. I had never heard of the Fremont Indians (I call them the Nahchee), and I felt I had to tell a storyabout them. I spent three months researching their culture (what I could find), and the culture of the descendant tribes, and combined them to establish the Nahchee Nation. It took me another three months to write the book, and then I spent about six months rewriting, so the whole thing took about a year.

“The novel does take place in Parowan Gap and Fremont Indian State Park (Which I call Taawa). I sent out quite a few query letters, but after talking to editors at the San Francisco Writers Conference, I found that historical Native American novels aren't exactly hot with NewYork publishers. John Kremer has a renowned book, 1001Ways to Market Your Books, and on his web site he lists the top 101independent publishers in the US. These publishers have to meet certain criteria, such as number of copies sold, circulation, awards, etc. Sunstone Press in New Mexico is on that list, and they publish books about the Southwest, with a number of them being about Native Americans. They sent me a contract saying that they would be interested in working with me, and I signed it.

“Tentatively the book will be released in December. I don't have final details about that yet, but they are going to use a picture I took at sunset on summer solstice behind the carin for the cover. Cool.

“The copy for the back cover will read:

In an ancient Native American world, Koicto dreams of leading his people through the ravages of war. Summoned by the Tribal Elders, this gifted warrior forges a bond of brotherhood with the irascible cougar, Kitchi, and proves he’s worthy to lead. But the Elders proclaim Koicto a shaman – a medicine man. They force him into an arranged marriage, ignoring his love for the beautiful Pavati, and casting aside his burning desire to become chief of the Nahchee Nation.

When Koicto’s vision of war unfolds, he finds his village desecrated and Pavati taken. With Kitchi by his side, Koicto must now fulfill destiny and avenge these wrongs. If he fails, the Nahchee will be no more.

Her One Sentence Description is: “Koicto transports us to an ancient Native American world where a reluctant warrior embarks on a journey of discovery and transformation.”

Wow!! I am so excited, impressed and proud to know Amy!! Not only publishing a book, but a needed and fantastic one --- one that continues our pledge made at our baptism, “to celebrate the dignity of every human being. Please congratulate her and her husband, Bob, for being married to such a winning woman!! Amy, we are so proud of you, and can’t wait to read and help you sell this book. Could be a Lenten study book in the spring?


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    The above blurb sounds great! Enough tease factor, plus MC heartache and reader thrills galore re war. ;)


  2. Wonderful piece! I am so looking forward to reading your book.

  3. Congrats, Amy! How exciting to have your book published soon. The premise sounds really interesting. It's nice to read about your journey. Goodluck with everything!