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Interview With Author Liz Fichera

Today author, Liz Fichera, has agreed to an interview on my blog.  I’ve read both her novels, Craving Perfect and Captive Spirit published by Carina Press. Her next novel, Hooked, represented by agent, Holly Root, will be published by Harlequin Teen in 2013.  Liz has well developed characters and a strong voice, and I’m a big fan!

Hi Liz – Thank you for being here!

When did you start writing, and how long have you been writing?

I wrote my first story when I was 10 years old.  I wrote short stories and bits of novels for years, never thinking about it being anything more than a hobby until six years ago.

Could you tell us about the road to publication through Carina Press?

About two years ago, I saw a tweet from Executive Editor Angela James.  She tweeted about this new Harlequin imprint called Carina Press.  She also tweeted that the editors at Carina Press were hungry for historical romance novels.  I had just finished writing CAPTIVE SPIRIT and decided to query her about it.  One month later, she called to tell me they were interested in publishing it.

How about your upcoming novel, Hooked – How did you find your agent? Did you have to send out a lot of queries?

Yes, I sent out enough queries to wallpaper my office, I’m sure. J

My agent and I connected when I queried her about CRAVING PERFECT, a contemporary romance novel that I wrote before CAPTIVE SPIRIT.  While it was my first novel, it was not the first novel to sell.  That’s how things go sometimes—usually never as you expect them to go!  HOOKED is my debut Young Adult Novel with Harlequin Teen and it will become my third published novel in 2013. 

Could you tell us about your current project(s)?

I am currently working on my second contemporary young adult novel for Harlequin Teen.  I also recently completed a Young Adult paranormal fantasy with historical elements based on the life of the Apache Kid. I loved writing that novel!  It’s very different from anything I’ve written so far.
Ooo - sounds intriguing! ~ Amy

I found you because I was looking for Native American fiction. I read your amazing book, Captive Spirit. How did you come up with the story?

One of the first things I learned about the history of Phoenix, Arizona, after I moved here from Chicago was about the Hohokam Indians.  I always found it interesting that the Hohokam, a very advanced people for the time period, vanished from the Phoenix area around 1500 AD and no one really knows why, even to this day.  That little tidbit of history has always fascinated me and it’s what motivated to me write CAPTIVE SPIRIT.  The main characters in that story are Hohokam.

What scene did you have the most fun with in your new novel, Craving Perfect?

 All of them! I got the idea for CRAVING PERFECT while jogging on a treadmill at my local gym.  I guess that I’m particularly fond of writing action scenes, though.  I love writing scenes where people are forced to make decisions under less than stellar circumstances.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

 Keep writing.  Even as you consider your publishing options or slog through the painful query stage, always start writing your next book.  And your next.

Now for the fun stuff.  Do you have any guilty pleasures or fun interests?

I do love to hike and run in the desert around my house.  Most people call me crazy for doing that, especially the running part.  Sometimes I call myself crazy for doing that, especially when the temperatures soar above 100 degrees.

Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.

I love old Westerns and movies in black and white. 

If someone hasn't read any of your work, what book would you recommend they start with and why?

I have this habit of writing across genres, so that is a difficult question.  I would suggest starting with my first novel, CAPTIVE SPIRIT.  It’s always best to start at the beginning, right?

Liz is an author from the American Southwest.  She writes commercial fiction and young adult novels but mostly she writes stories about ordinary people who do extraordinary things.  Her latest novel CRAVING PERFECT released on July 25 from Carina Press. She is also the author of CAPTIVE SPIRIT (2010) and the upcoming HOOKED (Harlequin Teen, 2013).  Don't hesitate to drop by her web site or blog to connect!
Thanks for being a guest, Liz! 
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