Sunday, August 28, 2011

Outlining Worksheet

Below is the spreadsheet I use to outline and plot my scenes. I thought I'd share it, as outlining is always a hot topic at writing workshops. I like using Excel because I get a lot of scenes on one page, and can see more of the overall story. I start by outlining the first third of the book, write about seven chapters, to see if the story goes where I think it will, then I go back and finish the outline. This helps me keep organized. With my hectic schedule, I have to work as efficiently as possible.

Sect. # from # to # Character With/Against Scene Conflict/Emotion Fail/Rational New Goal/Reaction
10 N/A 30 Zoe Dance Troupe Theater - Scuzzy Zoe is auditioning with a room of people. Max is the arrogant producer. Troup adjudicating. Meets Emma. Jayden making eyes. Jackie scowling.  Zoe and Emma are the two that get offered jobs (Tom the stage mgr). Zoe lacks self confidence/ doesn't know how good she is. They are to report in one week. Will have 1 week to learn the show. Will fly to Miami to meet ship (2 weeks time)
15 10 30 Zoe Jayden/Emma Theater Jayden flirting with Zoe - not so much Emma Zoe has to go. She's got a three hour drive She's over the moon. Can't wait until training starts
20 N/A 50 Gabriel Diego/Tribe Belize Cave Ritual. Sacrifice of a goat. Gabriel does not approve. Clashes with Diego. They fight. Gabirel has a black eye. Gabe has two weeks to get over the eye. He's starting a new job (Diego on the ship too, but don't reveal it here).

Sorry it's scrunched. I had to narrow the columns to get it to fit on the blog. :-)

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  1. I need to learn how to outline. I'm a pantser but I'm convinced life would be easier when it's organized. I might borrow your idea. :) Thanks for sharing!