Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Watching Willow Watts Book Launch

Ok, I'm a little late for the blog fest, but it's still Wednesday in Utah! I'm promoting Talli Roland's book launch of Watching Willow Watts, and Talli asked us to answer the question, if you could be anyone, who would it be. I think I'd like to be Jane Austin. How auspicious to be a brilliant woman in her day, and publish books under her own name no less!

Go to Talli's blog to learn  more about her wonderful book!


  1. Fantastic choice, Amy. What a wonderful, talented woman!

    Thanks so much for taking part! I really appreciate it. :)

  2. Jane Austin is a great pick! A day in her life would have been very interesting!:) Glad to have discovered your blog!

  3. What a great choice. Ah, if only I had half her talent!

    Wasn't Talli's book launch great. I do love a good party. :)