Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'd Rather Get a Rejection than Nothing

The trend I've noticed recently is that many agents are no longer sending out rejections. I'm a logical person so I can understand their point that rejections, even form letters, take time. However, I'm one of those authors who spends a lot of time researching agents. If I've sent an agent a query, I've spent a lot of time researching that person to determine if that agent might be a good match for my manuscript, and genre. I even have a subscription to Publisher's Marketplace at $20 per month to research agents in my genre.

As a result, I'd rather have a form rejection than a non response, or an automatic "if you don't receive a response in 4-8 weeks, consider it a pass." I received a rejection from an agent today whom I researched, looked up her clients on Amazon, Twitter stalked, and insured I had everything in the submission that her web site requested. The rejection was e-mailed and addressed to "Dear Author." Honestly, aside from a pang of disappointment, I thought, Thank you...Thank you for taking a few seconds and letting me know that I can cross you off my list, and therefore I will not need to bother sending a followup (ahem, by the way, here I am, little 'ole Amy, wondering if you got my query two months ago).

What would you prefer?


  1. Getting a rejection, even a form letter is so much better than being left flapping out in the wind wondering. I hate the wondering. Some agents will tweet or post on their blogs stating that they have responded to all queries received after X date, IF they are interested. At least that is even better than nothing.

  2. I agree a rejection is better than silence, but I also agree that a "if you don't hear from us in X weeks, we're not interested" is just fine, too. I wish all no-response-means-no agents would just do this!

  3. Good points! - I also like the idea of an agent leaving a notice on their blog stating that they have reviewed queries through a certain date.

  4. I don't care how busy they are. It's only good business to respond one way or the other. But like you said, the trend is not to respond at all. Poor customer service as far as I'm concerned.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Agreed. Something is better than nothing and a more professional reflection of the agent too.