Monday, November 21, 2011

Research on the High Seas

I just returned from a wonderful (but brief) vacation, sailing the high seas with Carnival Cruise Lines. There I met to wonderful ladies, Nikola and Kelsie-Rae, who are dancers on the ship, and were kind enough to allow me to interview them for my current work in progress (yes, the secret novel that shall not be named). Both Nikola and Kelsie-Rae are from England, and have been dancing all their lives, and what interesting lives they are having! Both had to travel to London several times to audition for a role the fiercely competitive cruise-show business, but Carnival got it right when they hired them. They are absolutely charming, talented, and friendly!

I got to see Nikola and Kelsie-Rae perform and they were fabulous and energetic. Actually, the entire show was very professional and well done.

Have you had a chance to cruise? I definitely recommend it, and Carnival is great value -

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