Monday, December 26, 2011

Petroglyph of the Battle

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A warrior's shield defines the warrior, just as the woman's dress defines her. Native American shields and dresses are not made in haste, but take form over time, developing into the works of art that they are. The shield on the far right tells the tale of this warrior's life. In this petroglyph there are three spirals pointing up. This means to look above for the secret or private story of the battle, when the enemies of the Fremont Indians raided their fortress. Since the rocks were blanketed with snow, the story of the hardship will have to come in Spring when it is safer to climb.


  1. I love these pictures. We go to Lake Powell every year and hike to things like this. A few years ago we found a multi tiered grain silo way way way up on a cliff. At least we think it was something like that. Maybe it was some kind of an oven. There was a tone of old corn scattered (which we left alone ;) ) I'll have to send you a picture or two, maybe you'd know what the heck it was...

  2. Tone meaning ton... It was hard enough to see and harder to climb too (nearly died) so we were skeptical it was anything at all. Good thing we climbed up anyway!

  3. Very cool.

    My parents work with an Arizona archeologist and have taken me to some really awesome sites.

    The Petroglyphs just show that a true writer will write on anything in order to write - even rocks!

  4. Very cool- never heard of this before. Interesting to me how different writing can mean such different things- to me they just look swirly! :-)