Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Writing Romance - Rules?

I recently finished a romantic suspense and shipped it off to my content editor. When I got it back she said that she felt a big flaw was that the protagonist doesn't meet the hero until page 60. Hmm. One of the things that I tried to show in the beginning was that the protagonist is a virgin and there are a number of men falling all over themselves to get to her - I want the reader to form their opinion on who she should choose. For the first 60 pages, the story runs with two parallel tales of the hero and the protagonist, while the reader gets to know them. When they meet, the reader is really hoping that they do meet because, by this time, the reader realizes that they would be great together. My critique partner also agrees with my plan.

HOWEVER! All you romance writers out there - I'd like your opinion. Is there a little more literary license to be creative when you're writing in a romantic sub-genre like suspense?


  1. I do the same thing with my space fantasy romance novelette. I have their lives parallel to each other until they finally meet. But I'm sometimes not much for rules, and I don't know enough about romance as a genre to be able to tell you what the rules are.

  2. I agree with you Amy. I do the same thing