Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Seventh Line of Page Seventy of my WIP

I am taking up Blogger David List's http://davidlistsilexare.blogspot.com/ challenge to post the seven lines following the seventh line on page seventy of my WIP, Roman Wall ~ Pict Will, a historical romance. 'Tis rough, me friends, but I've got the best job on the planet:

She snatched the bow and slung it over one shoulder and the quiver across the other. “Valeria told me ye wanted to keep it quiet.”
“Aye,” Seamus said. “No use stirring up a hornet’s nest.”
They crept up the stairs and Elspeth nearly stumbled over a soldier slumped across the path.
“I slit their throats, lest they sound the alarm.” Greum whispered.
Dark clouds hung low in the sky and blocked the moon. Elspeth could scarcely see. She used her ears to follow her kin. She nearly jumped out of her skin Greum grasped her shoulder and shoved a rope into her hands. “Climb. We’ll follow.”

Keep it going - Leave a post on my blog and link to your own 70th page, 7 lines following the 7th line!

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  1. Well this sounds awesome!
    I'm a big fan of ancient Roman (or ancient anything for that matter) AND the name Elspeth!