Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Birds and the Bees and the Flowers...

Hummingbird and Bee

I have a wonderful vine in my backyard that blooms brilliant yellow trumpet flowers. It is absolutely adored by a family of hummingbirds and I took the picture above wanting to capture this amazing little bird. When I looked at it, I realized that a bee was flying above its head, and I had all the facets that I needed for my next blog post.

Do you write love scenes? I know some people enjoy writing them and some are uncomfortable with them. Some publishers want them hot and some want a peck on the cheek. Honestly, I enjoy writing them, though I am adamant that I stay away from erotica since that is not what I write.

I do rationalize that sexuality is part of the human condition. I write romance and I want my characters to experience all that is wonderful about being in love, feeling that insatiable desire to be close to the object of his or her affection. I want my love scenes to be filled with passion and longing to the point where my characters lose control of their sanity, and all that exists is the bursting love that binds them together.After all, that is why most of us are here.

Below is a picture of my bird in flight...Oh how deep my love. One look from him sends me soaring through the air on fluttering wings. 

Hummingbird in Flight


  1. I thought like you do until the last few years. Now I prefer reading books where sex is handled once over lightly with wit and humor eg in the Stephanie Plum novels rather than being at all serious. Probably a sign of advancing age!
    Have a great week!

  2. I know, Carole! I think you just need to do what is right for the story :-)

  3. Love the pictures - how beautiful and inspiring! And those are great goals for your love scenes :)

  4. I agree with love scenes and do so try to write those scenes fully in my character POV and add what they are feeling emotionally not just physically.

  5. These pictures are beautiful! How wonderful to have this all in your backyard!

  6. Thanks Kimberly, I do feel as though I live in God's country.

  7. I love humming birds!

    As a reader I like books that are both sweet and books that are quite steamy. I think it depends on the story and the audience.

    As an aspiring writer this tight rope of appropriate amount and packaging of sexual tension and fulfillment is something I hope I can learn to manage as well as all the writers I enjoy.

  8. I like it when the sex fits the characters' personalities. If their romance has been "sweet" all along then the sex could be left between the scenes. But, if there's been steamy sexual tension with that build up to a deep and moving love, then the sex can be both hot and emotional at the same time. That's what I strive to do in my sex scenes. It doesn't have to be graphic to be hot and make your heart skip a beat. I think the emotional connection can do that too.