Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Me Mountain Biking
Labor Day in my mind has always been the last hurrah of summer. I remember boating on the lake with friends and family when I was growing up in Washington. Today some friends from Wisconsin are visiting and we're going to grill brats to make them feel at home :-). I'm even going to bake an apple pie--and hey, I hate to cook.

But before the pie, Bob and I will go biking. He got me into a daily ride, and we're now biking up and down the hills near Snow Canyon--about ten miles every morning. When I first started at the beginning of the summer, I could make it about halfway, and I would get really winded going up the steep hills. But now I'm keeping up and using higher gears to go up those same hills with a few deep breaths.

It really surprised me that it didn't take all that long to build my strength, after all, I'm old. I do have more energy, and the body looks a bit more toned. The really nice part? We live in St. George, Utah and can do this all year round. Today is not the last hurrah of summer here. It is the end of the 107+ degree days. Hello 90 degrees, and cooler mornings :-)

Happy Labor Day friends! Write on.


  1. Hi Amy, Good to hear from you. No, I don't show dogs, my Beagle, Lucky, is almost ten we just go and enjoy the entertainment!
    Good luck with the novel when it gets published! I also write adventure - I've had a couple of short stories publihed and my first novel should be out also next year - if I find a publisher...

  2. I wish I could bike everyday. Unfortunately, here in NY those days are pretty much behind me. :(

  3. Enjoy the bike ride, the apple pie, and the promise of cooler weather...107? Yikes. ;)

  4. Wow, sounds like an amazing way to start the day! Very impressive biking 10 miles. And especially in this weather! I'm stuck in the muggy heat right now as well and looking forward to the 90's!

  5. Ooh awesome on the bike riding! I'm trying to decide if i'd like bike riding. I don't know. And i'm hesitant to buy a bike and then find out that i really don't enjoy it (like jogging. I do it, but man, i hate every moment of it). This post makes me think that maybe i would enjoy it.

  6. Hi Sarah - I'll bet you'd enjoy riding. It's a lot more fun than riding an exercise bike!