Thursday, September 13, 2012

Harper Voyager Accepting Unagented Submissions for Two Weeks Only

The Harper Collins fantasy/science fiction imprint is launching an international talent search to launch a new e-book venture:
The press release states:
The portal to submit will open at on October 1st, and remain open until October 14th. Adult and young adult titles will both be accepted, in any genre, although epic fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, dystopia and supernatural works will be particularly well received.
Manuscripts should be at least 70,000 words, up to around 120,000.
On its website, the publisher says that it are looking for enough projects to launch a new e-book each month. Each contract will cover world English language distribution, with Harper Voyager reserving the right to also publish the books in physical form.

If you write fantasy/science fiction, more details can be found on:


  1. Amy! Congratulations on your award at LUW Round up last night! I didn't even know you were there until I saw you win! Wish I had been able to chat!

  2. Btw this is awesome. Would you mind if I repost this on my blog? (citing your of course) :0)

  3. This is awesome. Too bad my timing is off. This is the genre I want to go into next. Romantic Sci-fi... military Space Opera and action/adventure. So many ideas, so little time!