Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

No time like Halloween to share a picture of the recent visitor to my front porch. She's been relocated so that she won't hurt any of the trick or treaters, but I had to admire her size and color. In Southern Utah, we get a number of arachnid visitors from tarantulas to wolf spiders, to lady widows like this one. Larger than most, she built an impressive web which was soon filled with less fortunate bugs.

Some people, like my daughter hate spiders. I don't mind them--after all, I could crush them with one step. My phobia? Snakes. I prefer not to see the slithery vipers on my hikes through the hills, and am ever so happy that they are reclusive animals.

Are there any critters that make your skin crawl? I think adding a phobia is fun when building a character--Have them fear something, and then have that thing plague them or watch them overcome their fear. I know this isn't anything new, but it does add a dynamic to your characters--and really, how many people do you know who fear something? A lot, I'd bet. I have a character in my current WIP who can't swim. Her inability to swim causes problems and the fear paralyses her at a critical moment. Will she fight or will she fail?

Write on friends!

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  1. Eww! Those things creep me out. New follower here. Unfortunately, I missed the blog hop (sigh)I look forward to visiting again.