Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 brought a ton of change for me and I'm going into 2013 with uncertainty in many ways. The good news? I have two books coming out in 2013, my family is healthy, my oldest Chihuahua, Austin, has lived to see another year, and I have earned a black belt in Sudoku. I have much to be happy for, and much happiness to anticipate.

Wishing all my blogger friends a healthy and happy 2013. This is the year of great achievement.

~Write on friends ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. I have an elderly pooch too and he was very sick for a while. Seeing him get better was the best gift anyone could've given me.

    Happy New Year, Amy, and to Austin too!

  2. Can't escape change, try as we might :) Congratulations on your new books Amy, how exciting! I'm so happy we met and I look forward to following your adventures in 2013! Wishing you peace, love and happiness.