Monday, March 11, 2013

I Signed Up For Herbal Lore

I signed up for herbal lore through the Savvy Author's web site. If you write historical fiction, I think this is a must. I copied this from their sight, and have added the link below. I can't wait!

Herbal Lore and the Historic Medicinal Uses of Herbs

Instructor: Beth Trissel. 
Schedule for March 2013 workshop on Herbal Lore and The Historic Medicinal Uses of Herbs

Week One:

Monday, March 11th: Introduction to the workshop and meet & greet.

First Session, Tuesday, March 12th: 'What can kill can cure'  but definitely kill and watch out for werewolves: Aconite (Wolfsbane, Monkshood)

Second Session, Thursday March 14th: For protection from spells and enchantment, the sacred, healing herbs: Agrimony, Angelica, and Mistletoe

Week Two:

First Session, Tuesday March 19th: How witches flew, what made Juliet slumber, and the screaming roots in Harry Potter:  Belladonna (deadly nightshade), and Mandrake

Second Session, Thursday March 21st: Promote true love, calm nervous hysteria, anoint your feet for courage: Basil, Betony, and Chamomile

Week Three:

First Session, Tuesday March 26th: Faery gloves, Love potions, and the sweetest scent on earth: Foxglove, heartsease (violas) and Lavender

Second Session, Thursday March 28th: 'Draw evil humours out of the head' Comfort the stomach, and 'cleanse the blood': Marigold (Calendula) Mint (including pennyroyal) and catnip

Week Four:

First Session, Tuesday April 2nd: “Are you going to Scarborough Fair?”: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

Second Session, Thursday April 4th: The wisdom of Native Americans and The Granny Women: Birch, Bergamot, Pokeroot, Willow, Slippery elm, Elderberry, Yarrow…Plus Herbal Cures and The Granny Women

Last session, Friday April 5th:  Knock yourself out and Ward off the Plague: Dwale, an Old-English Antiseptic, and The Vinegar of the Four Thieves

And an opportunity for final sharing from participants.
WHEN:   Mar 11, 2013 - Apr 7, 2013

COST:   $15 for Premium Members
$25 for Basic Members

Cancellation policy: Registrations are non-refundable except when the workshop is cancelled by Savvy Authors.

Sign up here:


  1. This sounds very interesting, Amy!

  2. Interesting. My husband is all about herbal lore and natural alternatives.
    Enjoyed visiting your blog.
    Silvia (from A to Z Challenge)

    1. Hi Silvia! I'm looking forward to the A-Z challenge. I'll have to visit your Blog to see what you'll be blogging about!

  3. Those sound like interesting and fun classes for any writer!

    1. It's really cool. I've used some of the herbs in my Scottish historical manuscripts!