Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A-Z Challenge - C for Chihuahua

Misty Morn Just Call Her Sam
Today's breed is the Chihuahua of the Toy Group. Of course that's my breed, and I'm showing Maya in the picture on the left (underneath is Maya's official AKC name).

Chihuahuas come in two varieties, long and smooth coat. A graceful, alert dog, they are compact and swift moving with a saucy expressions. Dogs and bitches must not exceed 6 pounds.

Chihuahuas are often one person dogs, and they are clannish, recognizing and preferring his own kind and as a rule, not friendly with dogs of other breeds

My novel, Chihuahua Momma, will be released by Turquoise Morning Press on July 28th. It's a romance between a dog breeder and an ex-football star who comes to buy a Chihuahua and ends up immersed in the world of dog showing.

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  1. Oh, yay!! I've been waiting for this book!

  2. Of course, this is the perfect choice for C! They are so adorable! The book sounds like fun. I'll have to check it out when it's available.

  3. Oh my, a theme about dogs!! I LOVE that! And I love dogs. So I just had to follow. Gosh, I hope I can find you again tomorrow. Wonderful, wonderful!!

  4. Great theme! I'm an animal lover myself. :)

    1. So glad there are so many animal lovers on the blogosphere!

  5. I have a feeling the letter "C" is your favourite and now I know why.

  6. I LOVE CHIHUAHUAS!!! My little girl is Daisy she is almost 4 years old this summer and weighs 5 lbs. I have so adorable photos and videos of her online.

    Thanks of stopping by my blog, I am following you GFC.

    Daisy videos