Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A-Z Challenge - N For Norwich Terrier

From the Terrier Group, the Norwich Terrier is spirited and stocky with sensitive pricked ears. With a fox-like expression, the Norwich is one of the smallest working terriers. They are descended from ratting dogs, eager to chase down rodents alone or in a pack.

The Norwich is gay, fearless, loyal and affectionate. Adaptable and sporting, they make ideal companions. Dogs and bitches not to exceed 10 inches. They weigh approximately 12 pounds.

For the A-Z Challenge, I am blogging about dog breeds to celebrate the July 28 release of my novel, Chihuahua Momma, published by Turquoise Morning Press.

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  1. This dog looks like it would have a fair bit of energy ;)

  2. They are energetic, but also stocky and solid.

  3. What a cute little pose! He's saying, "Look how cute I am, see?!" :)

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