Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Great Highland Romance by Monica McCarty

The Hunter (Highland Guard, #7)The Hunter by Monica McCarty
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

McCarty does it again with another well-researched Scottish historical romance. This time the well-muscled and expert tracker, Ewen Lamont is tasked with finding an Italian nun and taking her back to Robert the Bruce. But this woman is no nun, and sparks fly between their forbidden attraction...

Loved. It.

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A note to remind my readers that Chihuahua Momma will be released next week! Details to come!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Camp Nano - Nearly There

Does this look familiar? Are you doing Camp Nano this July? This is the first time I've signed up for a NanoWriMo event, and it's been fun. Not that I need motivation to write.

I did get a bit worried when my editor sent me revisions, but I just decided to add the work I did on that manuscript to my WIP.

Bottom line, is accomplishing writing goals. Fortunately, I'm nearly finished with my WIP, and expect to finish up with Nano this week.

Are you doing Camp Nano? How do you like it? Are you enjoying your cabin?

Don't forget Chihuahua Momma releases July 28th. I'm soooo excited. I can't wait to get the ISBN so I can put it up on Goodreads!! And, I'm visiting Cassandra Page's blog today! Check out her awesome interview questions!: Cassandra Page

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Looking for Fantastic Bookmarks?

Are you looking for professionally printed bookmarks? I ordered mine through Got Print. I sent them a "commercial quality .PDF" file, and the bookmarks I received in the mail blew me away! The example here is a .JPG I used for the blog, and isn't as crisp as the actual bookmarks, but you get the idea. Just go to their website and follow the instructions.

I used MS Publisher to make mine--mainly because I don't have Photoshop. Anyway, I got 1000 bookmarks for $34 plus shipping. It definitely suits my "starving authror's" budget.

Write On!

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Road to an AKC Championship

Maya Winning Her Championship
Our blessed Chihuahuas we love them like they are our children and think they’re the cutest dogs on earth (of course they are). I purchased Maya (CH Misty Morn Just Call Her Sam) as a show dog, a wonderful hobby that I learned from my daughter. Maya had an impressive pedigree, but was a little thin, and needed some TLC—otherwise, she was quite the little diva.
Maya and I started attending conformation classes, and after a few weeks I took her to a small show in North Jersey. She was entered in the 9-12 month puppy class, but was the only Smooth Coat Chihuahua in attendance. By default, she won Best of Variety, though I had no illusions. The judge told me I needed to work with her more, an understatement. I did have the show photographer take a picture since it was her first show. Though I was a little embarrassed at the time, I am now so glad that I have that picture. Maya’s transformation amazes me every time I compare her first photo to her championship win. No one would believe it’s the same dog!
I had many handling classes yet to attend before Maya and I would be working as a team. Most of the dogs in the class were larger breeds, and she was always the smallest, being placed at the end. The scary thing was the Great Danes would be the first to go round the ring, and then they would line up behind my terrified, three-and-a-half pound baby. The staring and drooling, the big dogs waited for their chance to play my live squeaky toy.
We stuck with it, however, and in the show ring Maya became very assertive with other dogs. She walked around the ring like she owned it. Her first points came at the National Dog Show, held by the Kennel Club of Philadelphia. She won BOV and progressed to the Toy Group, and had a two-second spot of TV fame on Thanksgiving. More points came in Bear Delaware, followed by a three point major in Ludwigs Corner, PA., and a four point major in Bel Alton, MD. She had a couple of frustrating reserves in Bethlehem, PA where five point majors were up for grabs, but by this stage Maya only needed one point for the coveted Championship title.
I then received news that my company was transferring me to Utah, and there was only one show before the big move. If we failed to get the point, we were going to have to wait until we got settled in the West. Maya and I headed to Federicksburg, Virginia for the weekend. Saturday came, and we got another disappointing reserve.
Determined to do something different, I went to the mall and bought a new suit. Though only the handler, I figured that new clothes couldn’t hurt. We arrived on Sunday and my heart sank. The other female Chihuahuas were absent. Disappointed, I figured I might as well show her as long as I was there…but then something clicked in my head. There was one point for the males. If Maya could take Best of Winners, she would get the much coveted and desperately needed single!

I put on an air of confidence and we paraded into the BOV class. The number one bitch in the United States, was entered as a special (now that’s enough to make anyone nervous). Maya and I were last in the ring behind the Winners Dog. Patiently we watched the specials as they were examined on the table and expertly performed their down-and-backs. The judge asked all to go around the ring one more time. He pointed at CH Arwyen for Best of Variety.  That was expected, so I didn’t let it unnerve me. He then eyed the other dogs, and pointing at Maya, he cried, “Best of Winners!” Maya did it! My heart did back flips! We drove home with the single point we needed and a few weeks later Maya received her AKC Champion certificate in the mail. Today it proudly hangs on the wall in my office, and Maya has a special bed under my desk where she dreams of show ring success.

If you love dogs, you might be interested in my contemporary romance, Chihuahua Momma, hitting the shelves on July 28!

Monday, July 8, 2013



At long last I have my cover for my contemporary romance, Chihuahua Momma! Turquoise Morning Press will release it in eBook the week of July 28th, and the paper back will be available in early September.

And *DRUMROLL* Voila!

The Back Cover Copy:

In the frenetic world of canine pageants like Westminster, where dog hair flies and personalities diverge, Rebecca Lee remains in a cocoon of loneliness. Widowed, with two teenaged kids and a business to run, Rebecca would rather mow through five-hundred poodle cuts than think about dating. But when former quarterback Matt Johnson shows up to buy a Chihuahua, his irresistible grin rocks her world—until Matt’s ex decides she wants him back and Rebecca’s daughter decides she’s against her mom dating. Rebecca now has a choice—crawl back into her realm of dogs or fight for the powerful love that fills her soul.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Celtic Hearts RWA Looking for Readers for their Published Book Contest

Do you like to read romance novels? Well, Celtic Hearts Chapter of the Romance Writers of America is looking for readers who are not members of the RWA to judge published novels for their 2013 Sneak Peek Contest. Click on the link to find out more!

If you have a romance novel you'd like to enter, all categories open September 1st, 2013!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Amazing Scotland--Well, Border At One Time--Roman Vindolana

In 2014, I have two historical romances releasing (August and December). They center on Pict/Roman relationships and take place during the Roman occupation of Britannia at the time of the Barbarian Conspiracy.

On my trip to Scotland in May, I took a quick detour to Hadrian's Wall, and in particular to Fort Vindolanda, which features in my novels. I hadn't been there in seventeen years, and I was amazed at the archaeological work done since I last saw it.

The Romans brought a system of order to a barbaric land, but like all invaders, the locals resented their presence. Unable to tame the Picts and growing number of Gales to the north, Emperor Hadrian commanded they construct a wall to mark the end of the Roman Empire.

Romans brought trade and spices to Britannia, cleanliness, health, religion, even Christianity, after the reign of Emperor Constantine. After the fall of the Empire, things fell into ruin, and the dark ages spread across Europe.

Highest point of Hadrian's wall

Fort Vindolanda Statuary - A Legionnaire

Vindolanda Drainage System

Fort Vindolanda Road

Fort Vindolanda Ruins

Vindolanda Principia (Headquarters Building) And my daughter, Moriah!

Strongroom for the payroll

Life Sized Mile Castle Model

The Vindolanda Site

Vindolanda Statuary--I think Emperor Hadrian