Monday, July 1, 2013

Amazing Scotland--Well, Border At One Time--Roman Vindolana

In 2014, I have two historical romances releasing (August and December). They center on Pict/Roman relationships and take place during the Roman occupation of Britannia at the time of the Barbarian Conspiracy.

On my trip to Scotland in May, I took a quick detour to Hadrian's Wall, and in particular to Fort Vindolanda, which features in my novels. I hadn't been there in seventeen years, and I was amazed at the archaeological work done since I last saw it.

The Romans brought a system of order to a barbaric land, but like all invaders, the locals resented their presence. Unable to tame the Picts and growing number of Gales to the north, Emperor Hadrian commanded they construct a wall to mark the end of the Roman Empire.

Romans brought trade and spices to Britannia, cleanliness, health, religion, even Christianity, after the reign of Emperor Constantine. After the fall of the Empire, things fell into ruin, and the dark ages spread across Europe.

Highest point of Hadrian's wall

Fort Vindolanda Statuary - A Legionnaire

Vindolanda Drainage System

Fort Vindolanda Road

Fort Vindolanda Ruins

Vindolanda Principia (Headquarters Building) And my daughter, Moriah!

Strongroom for the payroll

Life Sized Mile Castle Model

The Vindolanda Site

Vindolanda Statuary--I think Emperor Hadrian


  1. That's awesome! I've heard of Hadrian's wall before; never really knew what it was, though, until now. Thank you :) Rome is my favorite city (so far).

  2. These are amazing!

  3. I am absolutely fascinated with ruins! These are so cool!! We're finally in Florida. Hope all is going great!

  4. Awesome pictures! It's so nice and tidy there. Very well kept ruins. But God, what beautiful countryside!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing with us your readers. This is simply wonderful.