Monday, September 9, 2013


I'm thrilled to participate in the Parajunkee Blog Tour--They're promoting my book, Chihuahua Momma over the next few days, and my job is to talk about my favorite city in the WORLD!

Ok, ok, first I need to clarify that though I do write contemporary romance, I also write Scottish historical romance, which will start hitting the shelves in 2014.

So...what is my favorite city in the world?
View from Edinburgh Castle Ramparts

Edinburgh Castle

Why yes, it's EDINBURGH! This city is surrounded by tons of dastardly history. Besides, my alma mater is Heriot-Watt University in the famed Scottish city. I love walking along the Royal Mile and imagining I was there in the fifteenth or sixteenth century when the Scottish monarchy was at its pinnacle. Can you see a rugged Highland laird come to court, dressed in a kilt with his claymore swinging from his hip?

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  1. Yay Edinburgh!! One day I WILL get over there!!

  2. Would love to be tooling about the city and get to look up and see that castle all the time. So picturesque!

  3. Cool shots of Edinburugh. I climbed Authur's Seat there (and then went immediately to the pub) :)

  4. Edinburgh is awesome! I once went to a kilt factory there. It was way cool :D