Monday, October 28, 2013

Boy Man Chief - Free This week on Amazon Kindle

Historical Native American Fantasy, BOY MAN CHIEF, Free Promo on Amazon:

In an ancient Native American world, Koicto dreams of leading his people through the ravages of war. Summoned by the Tribal Elders, this gifted warrior forges a bond of brotherhood with the irascible cougar, Kitchi, and proves he’s worthy to lead. But the Elders proclaim Koicto a shaman—a medicine man. They force him into an arranged marriage, ignoring his love for the beautiful Pavati, and cast aside his burning desire to become chief of the Nahchee Nation.

With staggering brutality, Koicto’s vision of war unfolds. He must now fulfill his destiny. If he fails, the Nahchee will be no more.

Download on Amazon for free through Thursday, October 31st...


  1. Very cool going to check out the new version!

  2. The cover art for Boy Man Chief is stunning, Amy. The story sounds like one I'd like too. Good luck with continuing sales after the free period is over.

    1. Thanks...did the cover myself. Hopefully I'll sell a few copies after the free period *wipes sweat from brow*