Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Interview with Calum MacLeod ~ Hero, Pirate, and Robinhood of Raasay

Reporter Amy Jarecki here. I’ll go anywhere for my story, and today I’ve time-traveled all the way to the Scottish Isle of Raasay in the year 1559. I was captured by Calum MacLeod’s men and marched into the massive fortress of Brochel Castle with my hands bound. After pleading with John, the master at arms, at last I’ve gained an audience with the Highland Laird.

Calum MacLeod is seated upon the dais in a red upholstered chair. He’s leaning forward, cradling his chin in one hand, while the other fist rests on his hip. Behind him, John stands at the ready, a big claymore on his hip and a dirk in his belt.

Calum eyes me from head to toe: Me men said ye want a word?

I tremble involuntarily under the power of his glare. His posture, his narrowed eyes, the slight scowl to his lips…everything about the man tells me he is not to be trifled with. But I’d risked too much to back away now: I’ve come to interview you for my blog tour. You’re featured in a novel and women everywhere would give their eye teeth for a chance to get to know you better.

Calum smirks and glances at John: Ye say women fancy this gruff, ruddy face? From what year do ye hail?

Amy: 2014

Calum: Och, ye mean to tell me I’m featured in a book near five-hundred years into the future?

Amy: Yes. A romance.

Calum: God on the cross, a bloody romantic tale? Why am I not in a seafaring adventure that tells tale of me privateering adventures?

Amy: Oh, there’s plenty of adventure…and piracy. But I’m here to interview you, not the other way around.

Calum: Ye’ll answer me questions else be thrown into the bay and swim back to yer time.

Amy: Excuse me, but I answered you. I believe I’ve earned the right to ask you something.

Calum: Aye? Then ye’d best speak quick, I’ve better things to do with me time than sitting on me arse chatting with a suspect time-traveling lassie.

Amy: Of course. Tell me, what went through your head the first time you saw Lady Anne.

Calum: Och, now I ken why yer tale is a romance…There was a fierce storm that night. Mind you, bad weather was in our favor. If we didna capture that ship, I dunna ken if the clan would have survived another winter. We thought we’d been thorough and put all the English bastards in skiffs headed to the mainland, but we missed one.

Amy: Lady Anne?

Calum: Aye. I found the locked stateroom . Expecting a bloody fight, I kicked in the door, sword at the ready, snarling like a badger. Wedged in the far corner of the room, the poor lassie was holding a knife, shaking like a sapling in the wind. But, och, she made me knees melt into boneless limbs.

Amy: What did she look like?

Calum: Perfection…Have ye ever looked at a woman and known in that moment she was the one?

Amy: I have—a man, that is.

Calum: I’ll nay forget the sight of her as long as I live. Her mane of honey blonde hair hung down to her waist, a lock covered one eye. When I moved closer, me hands itched to reach out and brush the wisp away so I could see both of her sapphire eyes. Light from a single lamp flickered gold across her face, her red lips formed a perfect bow, yet they quivered with fear.

Amy: She was afraid of you…

Calum: What wee lassie wouldna be quaking in her boots after listening to blood curdling screams and blasting cannons, hiding on a ship that’s being pillaged by yer enemy?

Amy: I see your point. But how did you win her heart?

Calum: I assure ye, that was no easy feat…one I’d wager is in yer romantic tale for certain.

Amy: Very true, Captured by the Pirate Laird reveals it all.

Calum: I’m afraid I’ve nay more time to give ye this day. Yer welcome to help yerself to a meal in the kitchen afore ye take yer leave.

Amy: Thank you, laird. And thank you for granting me an audience today.

Learn all about Calum MacLeod and the stately Lady Anne in the sinfully sexy romance, Captured by the Pirate Laird.


  1. Enjoyed the interview, Amy! Love Calum's wee Scottish burr. :)

    1. Thank you, Dawn! LOL. This was the first time I've tried interviewing a character. It was fun ;-)

  2. A real creative view point, interviewing Calum MacLeod. I enjoyed it. Also like the picture.

    1. Thanks, Debbie! Kudos to Kim Killion for her outstanding cover design :-)

  3. He certainly sounds like he was smitten from the first! Now I'm curious what she did w/that knife... ;)

  4. Well, bring up Lady Anne and he doesn't seem quite so, uh, pirate-y, aye? Fun interview!