Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Romance Weekly Blog Hop

Time for another round of questions in the Romance Weekly blog hop!

1.     What is your writing process like?
I did a whole post on this last year, but here it is again:
  • I build a notebook for every book. It starts with research. I usually find an event in history, or someone who sparks my interest. I learn everything I can about them and use that as a framework for my outline.
  • Once I'm ready to write.
  • Start with a premise statement.
  • Write a 2-3 page general outline of the book/sequence of events.
  • Develop my characters--I identify their personality type, then I use a character profile sheet to make them into a real person and write their back stories.
  • I then use an Excel spreadsheet to plot each scene. I use a numbering system that allows me to insert scenes, because once I start writing, the gloves come off and my characters start taking over. Inevitably, the outline changes as the story comes alive.
  • Of course I then edit the hell out of it...that has become my favorite part.
2.     Do you listen to music to enhance your writing?
Yes, I listen to classical music. My favorite is the Celtic Harp

3.     What two songs best describe your overall body of work? 

Now that’s the weirdest question I’ve heard in a while. I don’t think any two songs could describe my work, but in the interest of the blog hop, I’ll give it a try. Beethoven’s 5th, because there’s always something going on and the hero and heroine get in into nerve wracking situations. Moonlight Sonata, because the story grows and grows until the big finish shatters everyone’s world. Yes. I guess I’m a Beethoven enthusiast…though I listen to JS Bach more. Love baroque...

The Best of Bach

Now I’m rambling J

With that, let’s hop to the next victim. Hop on over to Leslie Hachtel’s blog: http://lesliehachtelwriter.wordpress.com  I’ll bet she can express her work in terms of music better than I!

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  1. Ooh, I love Moonlight Sonata! I had a wolf music box as a kid that played that song. *grins* Yup, there was a wolf phase, a bit before my horse phase, I think, lol!