Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Romance Weekly Blog Hop--Who's Your Favorite Author?

This week's questions ask about our favorite authors. Want to know who mine is?

1.     Who is your favorite author other than yourself in your genre and why?

Hands down, my favorite author in Scottish historical romance is Monica McCarty. Her books are filled with adventure, danger and history, just how I like them. Of course, the romance is a key element, but I want to read about the setting and the adversities the people of the time faced. Monica does a wonderful job of bringing these things to life in her books.

2.     What is your favorite book by her and why?

Honestly, I could recommend any of Monica’s books, but I think my favorite is The Saint. It was the first book I read by her and I think it gave me a fresh perspective to her writing style. I love how she’s developed the elite and “larger than life” Highland Guard and the special talents of “The Saint”, Magnus MacKay and the trouble he and the heroine get themselves into. Magnus is a true alpha male and sometimes I wanted reach inside the book and strangle him!

3.     What about her style inspires your writing?

All my books are filled with action and adventure, and Monica inspires that (as does Wilbur Smith). I get so caught up in the adventure that I often have to go back and beef up the love story, LOL.

I'd love for you to comment on who your favorite author is and what you like about him/her! 

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  1. Nice Amy! I love the action and danger too!

  2. I love when books get me all caught up in them and I just get lost in it! :D Great answers.

  3. Jane Austen. Her work is timeless and an enjoyable escape no matter that it's my umpteenth time to read the book.