Tuesday, May 6, 2014

RW Blog Hop: What Time Period Do You Write About?

This week's Romance Weekly blog hop questions are brought to us by Leslie Hachtel. 

1. Do you prefer to write futuristic, contemporary or historical romances and why?

Jane Austen wrote contemporary in her time period
Now considered historical.
I found my voice with Scottish historical romances. I've written contemporary romance, thriller and a Native American Historical novel (my first published work). I hopped around a bit at first until if found my niche. Undoubtedly, I am by far best at writing historical novels. Good thing I adore history and historical research!

2. What is your favorite time in history and how and why does it inspire you?

That's difficult, because I love history. Period. My favorite era to write is late medieval to early renaissance. 

3. How has your life experience contributed to your writing?

Being a bit older has only helped. I don't think I would be able to write as deep if I hadn't already had a full life. Good things and bad have molded me, just as they do everyone. 

I'd love to hear about your favorite time in history!


  1. I'm developing a soft spot for highland historicals. I may have to invest in a kilt one of these days.

  2. Experience definitely helps the writing process. Great answers.

  3. We grow and learn and put that into our writing. Great post

  4. I love your comment about Jane Austen. It's interesting to look at it from that angle.

  5. I'm in the bit older club with you, maybe I'm even older! LOL

  6. Waving my hand at the "older club." Me too.
    And I adore Scottish romances. Think I'll get a Cameron tartan!

    1. Perfect! I have two, Douglas and Wallace of which I am descended :-)

  7. I'm part of the bit older club too :) Great blog!!!

  8. All history is interesting history, right? :D