Saturday, May 24, 2014

The RT Booklovers Convention was Wild!

I got back from RT almost a week ago and am only now coming up for air! So much was happening at RT, no one could possibly do everything they wanted. I can't say I did all the right things either. I took my best stab at the activities list, and came out with some cool ta-do's...and a number of requests.

If I ever go back to RT, this is my advice to me (or anyone who is thinking about going):

  • Go with a friend. I missed some of the evening events because I was alone and staying at an off-site hotel (goodness, the hotel was booked practically a year in advance). I didn't feel safe being out at night, so I did things like stay in my room and work on my synopsis (silly introverted me). Next time I will beg and plead with my friends to go! I did find some people I knew, and should have asked to hang out with them...darn my shy streak. 
  • Go to the publisher presentations. I went to two of these and learned a lot about the publishers. In retrospect, I should have attended more.
  • Don't expect to sell a lot of books at the book fair. I sold more than I thought I would, given there were about 700 authors, but don't go because you want to sell books. This is a great event for networking, because a lot of industry professionals are there.
  • Make friends with reviewers and bloggers.
  • Make friends with readers...ask them what they like to read. They like swag and bookmarks, and are genuinely happy if you offer them one.
  • If you need exclusive cover model shots, this is a great opportunity to meet models and talk to them about your ideas. I found a model who was super interested in doing a photo shoot for my next series. That was pretty cool.
  • If you're looking to go traditional, this is a great place to pitch your book. Don't be shy...don't be too pushy either.
  • Lastly, the author classes were mostly panels. I must admit I didn't get too much out of them. I would have been better off doing things with readers.
All-in-all, it was a great time, and I made a number of new friends. Will I go again? Probably in the future!

Have you been to RT? What did you like? What do you think about reader/writer conferences?


  1. I've seen a lot of mention of the RT conference and I must needs know- what does RT stand for?! =) Thanks for the recap, it sounds a great one that I'd love to go to someday.

    1. Hi Leandera - RT stands for Romantic Times. They have a magazine, but are trying to invite other genres in...but I don't see this conference getting any bigger. The lines are already like Disneyland!

  2. Amy, thanks for the great advice. Sounds like you had profitable time.

  3. I saw posts and pics around. I wish I had gone. Great advice for attending conventions like these.

    1. It's in Dallas next year, Medeia (love your name!)

  4. Thanks for the tips! Sounds like it was great.