Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So I Have a Street Team...

After receiving some not-so-nice critiques about having a street team, I thought I'd share a bit about what my team does. For those not involved, street teams seem to be in a category of the SCARY UNKNOWN. Before I formed my team, I went to a couple of Facebook workshops and followed a few authors who had them. Then I started my team with a vague idea of what I wanted.

Basically, a street team is a newfangled term for fan club and the bottom line is that street teams are pretty varied. My team is small with about ten active members (there are also a couple of authors and family members who are not active). My team is a work in process, but these are our activities:
  • They help me decide what to do when I have a Facebook book release party. By the way, my sales always take a small upturn as a result of these crazy parties:
    • We talk about dates to have the party and the times. I like to have a big 3-hour bang in which to stir up fun and excitement for my new book.
    • I usually invite a guest or two, and they make suggestions on who they'd like to see.
    • We talk about giveaways and what's new.
    • We talk about games/activities for the party.
    • They help me spread the word.
    • Usually they are active during the party and can win giveaways just like everyone else.
  • Occasionally I'll ask a member to beta read a new manuscript to help me determine where it needs polish.
  • I'll ask questions about new covers, and they always give their honest opinion...sometimes too honest LOL!
  • A couple of months ago they helped me choose a title for the novella that's coming out in August.
  • Sometimes we chat on the street team page and have our own mini Facebook party.
  • On occasion I send them promo items/SWAG or ARC's of a new release. However, I never ask them to leave a review. Of course, some of them do leave reviews, but most don't. In fact, most of my reviews come from NetGalley or people who have purchased my books. Interestingly, I was accused by a reader on Goodreads for soliciting reviews from my street team and providing them with the verbiage to do so. That is not only unethical it is simply false.
I found my members by making an announcement in the Captured by the Pirate Laird party that I was forming a team and asked who might be interested. Several people commented they were, and I added a few, but most of my members came to me and expressed interest in being on the team. However members ended up joining, they are a awesome and caring group, and we're all becoming friends.

Eventually I'd like to grow my team a bit, but for the time being, I think it works as is. I heard of one author with 800 members (I don't know how she does it). I know other authors who have rigorous screening processes/questionnaires for new members. I hope I never have to go to that extreme. My Facebook street team is fun, and a place where people can be themselves and support each other. My team is here to stay!


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  1. I totally agree with you, Amy, with the idea of having a smaller group, I love the direct contact with the author, at least, she is aware, who I am in her group. I have left groups, where there were too many fans, 200 and more, I just felt like a number. Congratulations with the success of your books, and I'm sure that your Street Team members love you!

    1. Thank you, Nicole! It has been a very positive experience :-)

  2. Well stated, Amy! Street teams are fun & a great way to support an author!

  3. Wow! I personally love your work! I have left reviews stating how great I think you are, and am not on your team. I can't believe that someone who has read about my men Calum, Bran, and Ian would actually say anything along the lines of your reviews not being earned! (anyone in their right mind anyways!) I will continue to buy/read/review/love/bedepressedthatihavetowaitformore! All of my reviews were very well earned!

    1. Thank you, Tanay! Now we need a way to figure out how to clone you ;-)

    2. Tanya! Sorry for the tyop...I mean typo!

  4. Haha I seriously have to edit almost all of my comments! I'm thinking another you would be great, you could get me awesome new books in half the time! Although I love the quality, so I'm in no way asking you to rush! :) As long as you know that we are with you 100%!

  5. Fun questions and answers! I love the idea of listening to Celtic harp music.

    Hadn't heard the term street team before, it's neat! But why would people criticise you for having one?