Saturday, September 13, 2014


I have two books soon to be published with Turquoise Morning Press: Rescued by the Celtic Warrior (Oct. 2nd release ) and Celtic Maid (Dec. 18th release). Last night I received the cover for Rescued!

I really enjoyed writing this book. It was my first foray into historical romance, and is a Roman/Pict story that takes place during the Roman occupation of Britannia. I wrote it in early 2012. After nearly three years, it's fun to see the book published.

And the back cover copy:

Highborn and privileged, Valeria has never known life outside her father’s Roman fortress. But when Hadrian’s Wall falls, Valeria’s world shatters.

Ripped from her bed, she’s captured by savages. Terrified, she prays her betrothed will mount a rescue. But it is the enemy, a Pict with Celtic tattoos and hair of fire who wields his sword and fights for her freedom.

When she seeks refuge in the warrior’s stronghold, the Picts eye her with distrust and force her to earn her keep as a commoner. But the longer Valeria remains, the more agonizing it becomes to conceal her burning love for the Celtic warrior.