Thursday, October 30, 2014

Highland Force Boxed Set - New Cover

After trying the "e-reader" face boxed set, I resigned myself to going with the standard model. Interestingly, sales picked up after I changed the cover. I guess if you can't start a new trend, stick with the old! It's a great deal. $4.99 for three full-length novels and a novella.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Ancient Historical Romance!

Hot off the press: RESCUED BY THE CELTIC WARRIOR is out!

Though RESCUED BY THE CELTIC WARRIOR was not my first published historical romance, it was the first historical romance manuscript I wrote. I visited Hadrian's Wall in 1996 when I was studying in Edinburgh, and years later, that visit inspired me to write "Rescued", a Pict/Roman romance that took place during Barbarian Conspiracy (in 367 A.D.). I paid a visit to the Vindolanda ruins in 2013 to verify my facts, but so much is unknown about this time period--especially about the Picts.
Another interesting fact: after I wrote this story, I traced my family history back to the Picts. Dunpelder, the immense butte in East Lothian (now known as Traprain Law), was a Pict stronghold, and my ancestors lived there!
I hope everyone enjoys Taran and Valeria's is fraught with danger in an ancient world.
Traprain Law--The Pict Stronghold of Dunpelder

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Blurb for Rescued by the Celtic Warrior:

Highborn and privileged, Valeria has never known life outside her father’s Roman fortress. But when Hadrian’s Wall falls, Valeria’s world shatters.

Ripped from her bed, she’s captured by savages. Terrified, she prays her betrothed will mount a rescue. But it is the enemy, a Pict with Celtic tattoos and hair of fire who wields his sword and fights for her freedom.

When she seeks refuge in the warrior’s stronghold, the Picts eye her with distrust and force her to earn her keep as a commoner. But the longer Valeria remains, the more agonizing it becomes to conceal her burning love for the Celtic warrior.

Vindolanda Site

Vindolanda ruins

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Captured by the Pirate Laird Now In Audio!

My first audio book is live! I hired Paul Woodson to narrate Captured by the Pirate Laird, and he delivered an amazing performance! I'm very excited about this new venture into audio books. Narrator, Brad Wills, is nearly finished with Beauty and the Barbarian, and I've hired a Scottish man to narrate Return of the Highland Laird.